About Us

Our ambition is to enable eCommerce retailers to predict future demand with greater precision by generating fast and accurate forecasts using machine learning technology.

In 2018, we saw the need to replace more traditional legacy methods with a computational solution that utilizes data driven science and factor consideration to take the guess work out of critical decision making and help predict the future more accurately. The ability to have more accurate demand forecasting allows companies to set budgets, achieve sales targets, manage cashflow and provide detailed insights into marketing effectiveness.

Using the latest machine learning technology to improve forecast accuracy and the same statistical methods as hedge funds, our predictive models increase in ever greater accuracy with time. Seasonal trends, the weather, events, pricing history, promotions and other marketing activities are some of the factors that have an impact on sales forecasting and the more factors taken into consideration the closer to reality business forecasts will be.

We understand that creating more accurate sales forecasts, improving supply chain management and meeting customer demands with satisfactory order fulfillment are critical to business success. Operating from one of the world's leading tech hubs Belfast, Truestock is committed to providing the latest cutting-edge AI machine learning technology to our customers to ensure accurate demand forecasting for the retail industry.