Use Slack to Alert your Shopify Teams

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TrueStock Team January 14, 2021

Slack is a popular communication tool used by teams to work remotely. If you are using Shopify it is important to immediately alert your team members when certain events are about to happen on your eCommerce store such as running out of available inventory or unusual days of sales activity.

What are the advantages of integration?

Having everyone in your team automatically alerted before products become under-stocked helps improve the customer experience of the fulfillment process and reduces lost sales. It allows your team to have enough time to replenish their stock and run your fulfilment operations smoothly.

You can also automatically alert your marketing team when products become overstocked so they know what products to put on sale and advertise more heavily to improve capital efficiency.

How do I get started?

You can integrate your Shopify store now with Slack to do just that. Follow these steps on getting started:

  • Install TrueStock here

  • Create a TrueStock account

  • After installing the app you will be asked to register for a TrueStock account

  • Complete the form and click the register button

TrueStock Register

  • After registering you want to navigate to the “Integrations” page where you will be able to add your slack workspace

  • You will be redirected to the slack website to login

TrueStock Integrations

  • After integration with slack you can add alerts for tracking inventory and sales events via the stock monitors page

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