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Constantly improve demand forecasting accuracy for faster decision making


Machine Learning

The latest machine learning technology to accurately forecast

This forecasting method is proven to be more accurate and efficient than traditional methods. Utilizing learning algorithms, integrated demand driver data can be analyzed with speed. Constantly and automatically improving with time, machine learning enables companies to respond quickly to fast changing business situations.


Factor consideration

Consider the weather, events, promotional periods.

Dynamic factors such as seasonal trends, the weather, events, pricing history, promotions and marketing activities are considered, their importance scored and weighted to predict your future sales demand more accurately. These insights will also allow marketing to pinpoint their future spend and focus.


Anomaly detection

Data sanitization and cleaning is critical to accurate forecasting.

If there is any unusual sales activity in historical sales it is analyzed, and notifications of dates are sent to you. This is another demand influencing data point that TrueStock's machine learning method leverages to achieve greater accuracy for sales forecasting, pricing, and promotional strategies.

Future forecasts you can trust

Outperforming legacy forecasting methods in terms of speed and accuracy, TrueStock provides a forecast horizon that also considers demand influencing factors such as your historical sales, pricing and referral sources data. Every forecast generated provides a lower, middle and upper estimate for sales demand each day.

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Your 120-day sales forecast can be viewed in as little as 15 minutes after implementation.

Optimise supply chains with a truer forecast

Stock monitoring and notification

Adding alerts on inventory including your supplier lead time will push notifications just in time when inventory replenishment is needed. Overstock notification and identification of optimum sales promotion periods will free up warehouse space. Teams will be alerted when inventory hits low levels or buffer stock levels allowing you to take immediate action.

Advanced stock replenishment

Automatic sales forecasting will let you know about future inventory replenishment quantities, the costs of replenishment, predicted revenue and the costs of missed sales opportunities.

Easy access to updated sales forecasts daily for teams

Auto Syncing Functionality

TrueStock automatically syncs with e-commerce stores daily so sales forecasts are ready when needed.

TrueStock REST API

Integrate the TrueStock API to existing software with ease allowing for complete visibility across teams.

Export CSV

Our forecasts can be exported in the form of a CSV file allowing you to easily share with your team.


Get started with up to 10 variant forecasts for free forever. Paid plans start at $25/month.

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