Predict Future Demand with Greater Precision

Generate fast and accurate forecasts with machine learning

Demand Forecasting for the Retail Industry

TrueStock utilizes high-performing machine learning algorithms to predict the volume of products or services to be purchased during a defined future period.

This smart technology incorporates data from a range of internal and external demand drivers that impact future forecasting.

Retailers can leverage data science and predictive analytics to create sales forecasts that are more accurate than ever.

Harness the Power of TrueStock to Drive your Business Forward


Improved Analysis

Machine learning method learns from data, identifies patterns and accelerates processing


Enhanced Decision Making

Advanced and predictive analytics reducing the guesswork in sales forecasting


Increased Profitability

Data science considers complex data and factors that impact the bottom line


Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Ensure customer retention with quick, efficient, and guaranteed order fulfilment


Improved Marketing Focus

Analyze ROI on spend for marketing activities from different channels or locations


Optimized supply chains

Give suppliers more reliable anticipation of demand for uninterrupted product supply

TrueStock Takes the Uncertainty out of Demand Forecasting

Machine Learning

High performing algorithms process data providing stronger and quicker sales forecasts

Factor Consideration

More complete forecasts with constant analysis of internal and external factor types impacting demand

Automated Replenishment

Automated monitoring and notifications predicting replenishment quantities

Automated Daily Forecasts

Automatic syncing daily to ensure forecasting data is ready when you need it

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Install TrueStock on your own infrastructure.

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Get started with up to 10 variant forecasts for free forever. Paid plans start at $25/month.

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